eMatrixTM Skin Resurfacing Available for the Niceville, FL, Area

Also Serving the Crestview, FL, and Andalusia, AL, Areas

What is eMatrix?

eMatrix skin resurfacing technology used on patients in Niceville, FL eMatrix is also known as matrix skin and is a skin resurfacing treatment that is designed to improve pigmentation and reduce wrinkles. eMatrix is safe for all skin types and is equally as effective in darker skin as it is in lighter skin tones. The one-of-a-kind sublative rejuvenation that eMatrix delivers comes in a series of three treatments that will be administered 4 to 6 weeks apart.

How does eMatrix work?

eMatrix uses a fractionated bipolar radio frequency technology that effectively applies heat into the layers of the skin where it can produce the most significant impact and the least amount of disruption. Pulses of RF energy are directed into the skin to form a matrix, allowing the healthy skin around it to initiate the healing process and thereby produce new collagen and healthier skin cells. This results in the correction of wrinkles and the reduction of superficial discolorations on the skin. Other results documented include smoother and more elastic skin post treatment. This process is closely monitored by the doctor with the help of the intelligent feedback system that can give actual information regarding the energy delivered into the dermis with each pulse.

What are the advantages of using eMatrix?

Using the eMatrix system allows the delivery of a deep dermal impact that targets the indicated areas most efficiently. It has been proven to be safe and effective for all skin types. The treatment is delivered quickly, with one session typically taking between 10 to 20 minutes to complete. Over the course of the treatment, very minimal downtime is required and the patient can resume normal activities immediately. The machine is also very portable, available in a compact and lightweight design with a very convenient handle.