Find a Dermatologist near Panama City, FL

Panama City offers you incredible ways to enjoy yourself, including beautiful beaches and a warm climate. Unfortunately, you may not feel like you can bask in these splendors if your skin doesn’t look its best. You may have noticed a larger mole, rash, or lesion somewhere on your body that causes some concern.

Don’t leave these appearances untouched. See a skin doctor in Panama City, FL and get your skin back on track so you can savor the outdoors.

Trust Our Examinations to Discover Any Problems

Work with a dermatologist in Panama City, FL to protect your skin from damage and disease. At the Dermatology Surgery Center, we offer a variety of examinations and diagnostic services to discover if any blemish could cause a more serious problem. We also provide cosmetic excision and biopsies to remove different types of moles and lesions.

Eliminate Serious Conditions with Dermatology Surgery

Sometimes, what seems to be a minor skin condition (such as moles) can actually be something more. If you suffer from skin cancer, we perform several procedures to mitigate the problem. Our treatments include:

  • Cryosurgery to freeze off moles, tumors, and other skin conditions
  • Excision and skin repair to remove skin cancer and restore damaged skin
  • Mohs surgery to treat more aggressive kinds of skin cancer

Don’t let skin conditions distract you from appreciating life. Learn more about possible skin treatments and call (850) 897-7546.

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