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Niceville (Bluewater Bay), FL

Niceville (Bluewater Bay), FL

Dermatology Surgery Center Near Freeport, FL

Freeport, Florida has undergone dramatic change over the last few years. Once a small community where everyone knew everyone else, you probably haven’t met folks all the folks in your neighborhood.

And have you met your local dermatologist yet?

Dermatology Surgery Center is one of the oldest practices in the area, serving patients since 2003. When you come visit our dermatologist near Freeport, FL, you can expect us to treat you with personal, old-fashioned care.

Enjoy Smoother, Healthier Skin

At our center, we go to great lengths to keep your skin healthy, and we’ll carefully explain any conditions you may have. But even though we give timeless quality care, don’t think we live in the past—we only use the latest, tested, and proven techniques and procedures to treat your skin.

For example, we can perform any of these treatments in office:

eMatrix™ skin resurfacing
Diamond Tome® exfoliating
GentleMax Pro® Hair removal & vein treatment
Botox® wrinkle prevention and reduction

We also sell the most popular professional grade moisturizers and creams to protect and sooth irritated skin.

Meet Our Dermatologist, Dr Scott Beals

Schedule an appointment for a consultation by calling us at (805) 897-7546 or by emailing us using the convenient form below. Part of good skin care if you live in sunny Freeport, Florida is preventation or taking care of a skin condition quickly. We’re here to help.

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