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Niceville (Bluewater Bay), FL

Niceville (Bluewater Bay), FL


Dermatology Surgery & Skin Cancer

Dermatology Surgery & Skin Cancer

Dermatology Surgery Center provides non-invasive as well as more extensive invasive surgical procedures in clinic, based on the type of treatment that you need. After your initial examination, our medical providers will lay out a plan of care that is specific to your needs. We specialize in the most innovative surgical techniques available. Below are some information about the types of surgical procedures that we offer:

Mohs Surgery:

Of the many skin cancer treatments available, Mohs micrographic surgery is the most precise, with the highest cure rate and least cosmetic damage. It is among the most sophisticated and complex skin surgeries, requiring extensive training and a high skill level.


Cryosurgery (also called cryotherapy) is dermatological surgery that uses the extreme cold produced by liquid nitrogen (or argon gas) to destroy abnormal tissue. Cryosurgery is used to treat tumors that are accessible outside the body, such as those on the skin.

Excision & Repair:

Excisional skin surgery is performed under local anesthesia and seldom entails major blood loss or fluid shifts. That being said, it is still an invasive procedure therefore, a preoperative assessment of the patient is completed.


Many medical conditions including skin cancer may be diagnosed by removing a sample of tissue for lab examination. This procedure is called a biopsy, which is preformed by a variety of techniques. After the doctor obtains the skin biopsy specimen, it is evaluated for appearance and medical diagnosis.

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